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Thankful For Healthy Skin

Thankful For Healthy Skin

Thanksgiving gives us all a moment to reflect on what we are most grateful for. Aside from all the delicious food that comes with the holiday, we should be thinking about all the simple things in life that brings us joy. For us, we are thankful for healthy and glowing skin! As you all know by now, transitioning into the colder months can take a toll on our bodies especially our skin. Cold weather equals dry skin and dry skin can result in blotchiness, discomfort and in the long run an increase in aging. Today we'll be going through a few product recommendations and tips that we are grateful for in maintaining healthy skin...
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<center>Holiday Packs (Yes, We're Already Prepping For Christmas)

Holiday Packs (Yes, We're Already Prepping For Christmas)

It's beginning to look a lot like... we need to start Christmas shopping! Believe it or not I've seen Christmas lights on houses and even decorations at some of our local stores. Personally I am obsessed with Christmas so once Halloween is done and over with, up goes the tree in my household! I don't know about you but I dread going to the mall during December - it's crazy, messy and just way too many people! Which is exactly why we're getting the show on the road here at Eccotique AKA checking off those items on your Christmas list before going insane...
(Seriously though!) 
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<center>Hair Prep For a Red Carpet look

Hair Prep For a Red Carpet look

Did anyone else put the kids to bed and cozy up on the couch with a glass of wine and popcorn to just drool over the styles from the EMMYS?!
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